Dex Dubious

Dex Dubious is "that guy" who used to hang out at the Kingpin, was in that DC electronic trio the DBC, played bass for Monopoli, and did a track for the Lawrence Welk remix album. Consulting with the hidden people that live inside rocks for inspiration, he makes Classic rock/60's funky remixes for kicks and makes a living producing for XM satellite radio. Dex showers almost everyday and even had a hit on the Billboard Dance charts with a Clare Quily remix of Tremble.


Involved in all forms of art including daily floor sweeping and avant guard film, Dex's audio brush stokes can be heard on the DC local cult classic DIVE.  Always in the process of finding the next cool project to work on leads to finishing little, but what does get semi-completed, becomes at least from an amateur's perspective, an outstanding audio motif for both the jejune and the introverted loser.  Relying on randomness and happenstance while producing,  Dex's tracks randomly attract those who by happenstance actually end up listening. 


"Everyday I wake up, determined to "cut the mustard", but just end up searching for a better out-dated idiom, whose origins have long been forgotten, to describe what I am doing"  claims Dex.  Never really satisfied with his own chef d'oeuvre, Dex leads an upbeat, yet crestfallen life of pure disenchantment with his own music.



Wing Tipped Shaker

Dex Dubious


Composition, Arrangement and Instrumentation by Dex Dubious