J-Punch (aka hook the captain) has seen original releases on some of the worlds top electronic labels. (Global Underground, 3beat, System Recordings and more) but his corporeal being resides in Washington, DC. Coming up in DC, J-punch has developed a deep respect for electronic music, and he has ridden that vehicle into the limelight. After promoting for and organizing the notorious PULSE parties in Washington D.C. for several years, J-Punch quit partying to focus on his craft (full time sex).


With the imminent release of his third album, Level, (November 29th, 2006) co-produced with Global Underground artists, Trafik, the punch is about to be kicked up for J.


The Album is available on iTunes and area retailers. Every single person in the entire world is likely to agree, by following up one legendary album with another, J-punch is about to become a double-wide super legend. When not performing live solo sets or touring with 3kStatic, J-Punch records under several monikers including hook the the captain and 3kStatic.








Written and Produced by J-Punch (Justin Katz);

Vocals by Alessia Gaggini


Taken from the album Level, 2006.