Kid Gusto

Since he first began laying down percussion and trap kit rhythms in 1989, Kidgusto has worked to help pioneer the DC sound through funk, acid jazz, rare groove breaks and world beats. His musical path has led him to work with various talented musicians, producers and DJ's introducing him to an eclectic array of styles and influences. In turn this has brought KG the versatility to be innovative and yet consistent while performing in and out of the Washington DC area. As a musician, DJ, and producer, Kidgusto’s mission is to create organic music that combines dancefloor-heavy rhythms with a meticulous production approach.



Sonic Conducer (featuring Mustafa Akbar)

Kid Gusto


Written and Produced by Kid Gusto

Vocals written and sung by Mustafa Akbar


Taken from the album The Lost Tapes of the Mainstream Underground, 2007.