In a relatively short period of time in the music industry, Sally Hamidi has had the priviledge of working with some of electronic/dance music industry’s top-dogs.  Her debut album, Mystic Maah, gave way to two top-charting singles “Only Your Love” as signed by Shinichi Records and later appearing on the world-renowned compilation Global Underground:  Toronto by Deep Dish, and “Mystic Roya” released on John Digweed’s Bedrock label. She has been classically trained in music composition, theory, and keyboard, and feels that the application of this knowledge lends itself to well-crafted songs.


Sally’s second release under Seroya features a more hard-edged and raw expression of her musical sensibilities.  Reflecting on her personal experiences, her surviving the Iran/Iraq war, along with current events shaping the world, played a vital part in tapping into the vein of inspiration.  Her production on Eat the Flowers has a humanistic yet abstract approach to sonic treatments, playing with various effects and time warping manipulations.  The result is a hypnotic, subliminally dark, moody and sensual presentation of well-crafted electronica.



Keep the Rut Out



Written and Produced by Sally Hamidi; Vocals by Sally Hamidi;

Additional Programming/Engineering: Donald Bosse


Taken from the album Eat the Flowers, 2005.